The rights managed by AGICOA EUROPE BRUSSELS are part of the exclusive exploitation rights and communication to the public of audiovisual works.These rights are traditionally called retransmission rights subject to mandatory collective management.

In 2002, after several years of conflict with the belgian users, the company has negotiated new rates.
The rates, notified to the control service of the collecting societies, are always those to which reference is made by the company when granting licenses to operators. These rates must of course be adapted according to the price index, the recent market developments and the services offered by the operators.
The company may not discriminate an operator against another.
When negotiating licenses, the extent and value of the repertoire represented by the company and used by the operator is taken into account.
A balance is always sought between the value of works/ licensed rights and the market price of the services offered by operators to consumers.
The licenses granted by the company are non-exclusive.